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Monday, December 1, 2008

FALL 2008

November 13
Speaking was Mary Hajdukiewicz who took Barb Willard’s place as speaker. Mary informed the club about challenges of recruiting for the Mon Valley environmental Technician Training program from people who had had a hard time getting started in their careers.

November 6
We heard from Chris Robinson about the 21st Century Learning afterschool program that HHFI runs at Propel Schools. Children catch up quickly if they are behind in reading and participate in this program, which is funded by the PA department of Education.

Halloween at the Library saw Idella, Sr Marita, Gaye and Cathy Gillis helping
Anita and Vicki and the Library crew.. We also looked in on Mayor John Fetterman's 'digs' across at the Elks. Cute.
There was a small but steady crowd all evening . A young sibling trio won the bike John L. had secured and raffled.... see the cute photo of these siblings from June Way, Braddock, whose Grandmother brought them.

October 31 Braddock area Hallowe’en Party at the Braddock Library.

October 30
Garry Human and Jared Alexander were installed as the Club's Newest members today!

ALSOProduce to People;
Skip and I, John L and son Brad, Al Boss and Tom were there. We were outside, which was very warm by the end of the morning. Josh Murphy who spoke at our Club, ran a good distribution, over 500 families.....a crew from Channel 4 were there filming/interviewing to be compiled into a program in December (19th I think) to be a Food Bank Telethon. The producer interview Cathy, and then John L asked to be interviewed. We assured the producer that he was a good talker....I think he mentioned about our Dukes and Dames contests, and of course Sullivan Plumbing's collection contests.
We surmise/guess that perhaps 10 seconds might be used for the WTAE program in December!See you Thursday. (Skip and Garry Human are going to the Membership Seminar at Edgewood.)
October 23
Today we were doubly blessed to have two outstanding speakers.
First was Josh Murphy, subbing at the last minute for Gail Robbins whose mother is ill. He told us about the Food Bank and his work specifically with the Produce to People. It has spent $164,000 for food at the Braddock site, first Saturday of each month. This serves an average of 412 families, meeting the criteria of an income of $30,000 for a family of 4. Each month about 35-50 lbs. of food are handed out. Josh and the food bank are very appreciative of our hands on work, at the Blazing Bingo.
He invites more of us to come, anytime after 8 a.m. to help with this growing need. Next distribution is Saturday, November 1. Vice President Ron Gaydos, on behalf of our Club, presented The Food Bank with a $1000 check, AND then upon winning the $14, 50-50, Ron added this to Rotary’s contribution to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. All of these monies will help secure more produce as the demand for more assistance is increasing.

The second speaker, a guest of Paul Costa, was Ralph Kaiser, now with the WQED MultiMedia Board, seeking funds from government sources in Harrisburg and Washington DC.
He told about how he became involved in the political process, being a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature from Brentwood.
Al Boss, Jr., was presented with the Paul Harris Certificate. Al was honored by our club in June, but we were unable until recently to secure this handsome certificate.
Congratulations again Al for all your years of service above self in Braddock Rotary.

We welcome President Dave back from his hip surgery. Next week he returns to his work, part time basis. Nice to see you here Dave and doing so well !!

Guests today were: Josh Murphy, GPFB, Ralph Kaiser, WQED, Garry Human, USS, ET, and prospective new member; former Braddock Rotarian, Ted Schleifer, frequent guest from the Hermitage Rotary club and past President of Braddock Rotary. (Ted, why don't you rejoin us ?)

ANNOUNCEMENTS:John L Sullivan brought his Large Brown Box for the Annual Food Drive. This will be an ongoing challenge between the Dames and the Dukes, as to which group can raise the most non perishable food items between now and the end of the year.
HOLIDAY WREATH SALE. Sign up with Rose Miles or the sign up sheet at the next meetings. These are lovely wreaths, $20, made by Mele Brothers and Sister, here in Braddock. Thus far 50 orders have been placed. Be sure and get yours.
Next Thursday, October 30: Installation of new members!!
>>>ALSO Tom Michlovic will arrange for our annual Oktoberfest celebration. For newcomers, this is at our regular meeting, but with special food and drink.

October 2, 2008
Terry Griffin of the PA League of Young Voters spoke about engaging 18-35-year-old citizens, making them voters, and keeping them engaged until they vote once, twice, and more times (in separate elections!) so they become habitual voters who know the issues and that they can gave a voice.
Holiday Wreath sale, probably $20 for 18" holiday wreath. Last date will be 17 Nov., Dec 2 wreaths can be picked up at Mele Bros and Sister.

Oct 7, Membership Seminar, 6:30 to 8 45
Nov 19 Wed., Foundation dinner at Station Square. More details later.

Annual FOOD DRIVE to benefit the Food Bank. Sullivan Super Service will let us piggy-back on their food competition for the holidays.
The Dukes vs the Dames of Braddock Rotary will see who can bring the most non perishable food to fill the barrel at Grand View.

Also: Elaine of Grand View is collecting toilet supplies, and other ship-able items to the armed forces overseas.

Ron Gaydos announced enrollment opportunities for the Mon Valley Environmental Tech Training program with EPA funding, through the Heritage Health Foundation. More information is available at

Winner of the 50-50 of $10 was Deana Nell. Her guest speaker was Jesse Hayward Director of House Cross Roads, Hill District. He gave a great talk about life, career, and keeping it all in perspective.
Other guests were: Ted Schleifer, new owner of Lucas Funeral Home, Scot Heasely, 'Y' Director at the Wilmerding 'Y', ( guest today of Rose Miles,)Kim Sullivan and Kathy Costa.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What an eventful Summer for the Club! Events were very successful, and one of us even had a banner exchange in Hong Kong!

August 21
Interact guests

August 14, 2008

Summer Reading Program at the Braddock Library. “I went over today and for an hour, Ms Pied Piper (Cathy Gable) had the 15 children, various young ages, in the palm of her hand.” – Cathy Gillis

August 7
Guests today were David Rosenstraus, who spoke about "Fossil Free Fuel". He was Al Boss's guest speaker. Also a returning guest, friend of Jerry Balbot, Jared Alexander, from Commonwealth Bank, who applied for membership!

Last Saturday’s Produce to People had an excellent giveaway of food. Helping were our Rotarians, Gus Gray with granddaughter Alexa, Tom Michlovic, Amy Starret, Al Boss and Bill Roland, who visited our club last week and is a former staffer with State Sen. Sean Logan.
Several from our Club will be golfing at the District's annual Golf Outing, this year at nearby Edgewood Country Club. They were some of the 144 (the max) signed up, with others being turned away.

Note programs upcoming:August 14, Ms Cathy Gable, Storyteller, to children in the communities throughout Woodland Hills.
August 21, Megan McQuade, Interact Club President and senior at WHHS, who just returned from 4 weeks touring Europe through the People to People Ambassadors program.
September 11, (Patriot Day), D G Jim Kunkelman and wife, Sybil, will make his annual visit. He will be meeting with the Board 1/2 hour before the noontime meeting.
Winner of the 50-50 of $12 was Sr Marita. Glad to have you back, Sister!

July 24, 2008
See Attached for the information on the lecture on Thursday evening, July 24, about "The Red Schwinn".

We will raffle off a red Schwinn mountain bike for $1.00 per ticket. The giveaway will be that night, but people can purchase tickets before hand. All proceeds go to the Braddock Library, as the bike (new 26 inch mens') was donated by the Forest Hills Rotary Club.

July 10
Today, Thursday the 10th, we were a scarce group.
Gary Human, the new ET superintendent was a guest of John L's. (as well as Kimmie; and Rose had her driver to work, William Pinckney, as a guest;
Gary is a golfer and will be participating Tuesday the 15th in our Golf Outing. John L. is putting the final touches on that. Thus far, about 90 golfers are signed up.
Winner of 5050 was Tony M; $12 richer.

June 17, 2008 – Presidents’ Night
Here is a wrap-up of Presidents’ Night, beginning of the “Rotary New Year”, which is 80.
Rotarian "Skip" Gillis presents the newest Braddock Rotary Paul Harris Honoree Al Boss, Jr. with the Medallion, as Vice President Ron Gaydos looks on.
Outgoing Braddock Rotary President, Deana Nell, welcomes new President Dave Perla at PResidents' Night,
Braddock Rotarian Al Boss, Jr., Boss Optical, Braddock, is pleased to receive this
year's Paul Harris Award at the President's Night, June 17, 2008.

June 12, 2008
Big thank you to Tom Michlovic and his helpers for their work and success on the Spaghetti Lunch last Friday. Giving a big helping hand were: Leon Rochez, Gus Gray ( in the HOT kitchen). Joanne Schleifer and Deana Nell, up front with take-out orders; as well as Skip and Cathy Gillis, Gerry and Kathy Dettore, Mike Tobias, Ron Gaydos, Erin Harrell Idella Martin, Amy Starrett and Rose Miles. There were lots of great helpers AND donations from the PTO and Georgia and her Good Shepherd School kitchen crew. Also a big Thank you to Sacred Heart for donation of lots of paper products
Produce to People on Saturday was hot, and outside. Gus Gray and granddaughter Alexa, along with Cathy Gillis, lent a hand.
Next Produce to People is Saturday July 5., Blazing Bingo, Ninth and Talbot, around 8:30.
Ron Gaydos is heading up a Theatre bus trip to the show "Out of This Furnace" from our Library, June 27, Friday. This is for those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to see this production of the play, based on Thomas Bell's book. See Ron for further information. 40 tickets will be purchased to travel to Smallman St in the Strip District, the Open Stage Door Theatre.
Good News:USS and the new Director of the Mon Valley Works, Lisa R., has donated $25,000 to the Carnegie Library
Rose Miles announced that she has received word from RI that a $10,000 grant will be forth coming for the Y Camp this summer! GREAT!There will be NO meeting next Thursday, the 19th. Instead, be sure and sign up for the President's night June 17th, 5:30 social hour, 6 pm. Buffet dinner.
Rose Miles has compiled 11 Baskets for our Golf outing on Tuesday, July 15. Gus Gray and Skip Gillis this week visited many of the local merchants for their help and support.
Winner of the 50-50 of $11 was John L Sullivan, welcome back from your Cruise!

MAY 29, 2008
Still trying to get body and soul together after the trip to we talked about Thursday at Rotary, here is a listing of some of the upcoming dates that members should be advised to sign up and show up!!
Friday, June 6---Spaghetti Lunch, Good Shepherd School Cafeteria, Everyone needs to sign up for at least one shift, beginning at 8 a.m. and running until afternoon.
See Tom Michlovic and let him know when you will be there. Help is also needed earlier in the week to do the preparations. Give Tom a call.
(NOTE: No meeting on Thursday June 5)

PRODUCE to PEOPLE June 7 Saturday at Blazing Bingo. Anytime after 8 and before 10, Rotarians can help distribute food.
President's Night at the Elk's Club; to honor Deana and install Dave Perla as the 2008-2009 President - June 17, TUESDAY, 5:30, Social hour and 6 pm. Dinner. No Cost to members, Non-members and Guests $15.
At this time the Paul Harris awardee will be honored.
June 29 Sunday, Noon, Grand View, Medal of Honor Awards. June 12 at Tom Michlovic's office highschool senior are being interviewed for these scholarships

July 15, Annual Golf Outing, $125 per person, see Rose for items for the Chinese Auction. More on this later.

MAY 8, 2008
Guests were Kim Sullivan, Bob Rupp and Ken Soliday, YMCA Wilmerding Branch.
Produce to People, Saturday May 3: John L Sullivan and son Brad, Skip and Cathy Gillis and Ron Gaydos helped set up and serve about 450 Mon Valley residents with produce from the Greater Pittburgh Food Bank.
NEXT PRODUCE TO PEOPLE: Saturday June 7, about 9 a.m., Blazing Bingo, Ninth and Talbot, Braddock.Friday, June 6 Spaghetti Lunch, Good Shepherd School cafeteria. All hands "on deck" to help with the cooking preparation, ( June 2 & 3) and serving Friday about 10 to 1:30. Each Rotarian will receive 10 tickets, $6 pp. To make this a success, every Rotarian must strive to do his/her part. Tom Michlovic is our leader, along with parents from the school and church.
Tuesday, June 17, President's Night, where we honor our out going Pres. Deana and install incoming President, Dave Perla. This will be a Braddock Elks, 5:30 welcome and 6 buffet dinner. At this time our newest Paul Harris Fellow will be announced and honored.
Members are free, guests are $15. NOTE: No regular meeting that week, Thursday, June 19.
Sunday, 12 noon, June 29, Medal of Honor Brunch, Grand View. This is where we grant scholarship to High school seniors, in honor or Medal of Honoress from the Mon Valley. Tom Michlovic has been chairing this annual event for about 20 years.
Tuesday, July 15, Golf Outing, Grand View, Chaired by John L Sullivan and Paul Costa. Time 11:30 lunch and 12 “shotgun” start.
Monday, August 11 District 7300 Golf Outing, Edgewood CC, $125 per golfer; John Mock, T C Rotary, Chair. Let's make a Braddock showing here since THIS year's is soooo close to 'home'.
First speaker today was Bob Rupp (Past DG, and TC Rotarian), who reminded us of the International nature and Rotary Foundation's work locally and around the world.
Coming to completion is the Nigerian project of a $50,000 grant for PCs for 5 schools in Nigeria, as welll as generators to help power the schools computers.
Bob reminds us that when we give to honor our fellow Rotarians with a Paul Harris Award, we help fund the Foundation. There is available thousands of dollars for grants for worthy endeavors within our town as well as projects abroad. Jose (Joe) Ravano, Monroeville Rotary, is the chair this year.
Also speaking was Ken Soliday for East Areas 'Y' and the Braddock fitness and wellness center. The "Y" with 'our' Rose Miles is reaching out more and more to the youth in our community. Upcoming this summer is the summer camp where 130 kids will spend 5 days a week for 18 weeks in a daily program, located at Good Shepherd School.
Next week, May 15, Rodney Jones, will come and speak more about he impact the "Y" has had with our children and youth.
50-50 winner of $17 was Gus Gray, recently returned from golfing in Myrtle Beach. Welcome back Gus!